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We are a company dedicated to civil engineering project consulting, established on September 5, 1973, in the city of Bogotá under the business name SILVA FAJARDO Y CIA LTDA. Since 1973 and up to the present date, we have been engaged in conducting studies, designs, and supervision of urban roads, highways, buildings, urban development, and infrastructure projects.

Among the executed projects, the following stand out:

NQS Avenue: Studies and designs for the adaptation to the TRANSMILENIO system of the North Quinto Sur Avenue, with a length of 19.6 km.

Meta Road Network: Technical and financial supervision and control in its construction and operation stages, covering a length of 178 km.

68th Avenue - 100th Street: Supervision and control for the rehabilitation and maintenance works, spanning 70.4 km across 4 lanes.

Javeriana University General Library: Structural design and supervision/control for a total area of 8,900 m2.

We are currently executing more than 15 projects across the country. Among the most prominent are:


Comprehensive supervision and control of the Santana-Mocoa-Neiva Corridor: Part of route 45, one of Colombia's major routes and the longest concession, with a corridor length of 456 km and a total of 63 bridges.

Contract value: $7,000,000 USD.

Supervision and control of Construction and Improvement Works on the Cusiana  Transversal:  118 km of the transversal being intervened by the constructor Mario Huertas Cotes.

Contract value: $2,900,000 USD.

Supervision  and control of Improvement and Maintenance Works on the Vado Hondo-Labranzagrande-Yopal Corridor: 108 km corridor and 10 years of contract. Contract value: $3,700,000 USD.

In 2018, after a period of inactivity, SILVA FAJARDO Y CIA LTDA changed ownership. The new shareholders, also civil engineers by profession, modified the business name to TERRA INGENIEROS CIVILES S.A.S. While continuing the legacy of its founders, the company preserves the fundamental principles with which it was established: responsibility, integrity, and quality in the services provided.

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